Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

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We are committed to a program of service to the Hamilton County community-at-large. Our educational program is dedicated to providing a quality Christian early childhood experience to meet the needs of preschool children. Emphasis is placed on learning through active involvement as children explore their imaginations, share ideas, make choices, and learn through trial and error in an open-ended, nonjudgmental atmosphere. We will help children learn through play, investigation, and self-expression.

Our Goals:

To provide a supportive and caring Christian environment for children so that they can learn about God and His Word, Jesus' sacrificial love, and the Holy Spirit's presence

To provide opportunities to interact with peers and teachers

To develop healthy bodies through large and small motor activities

To provide outlets for creative expression through art, music, literature, dramatic play and games

To develop skills such as using scissors, glue, paint, crayons, etc.

To pray with children

To instill confidence and security in the children through trust and faith in God

A mixture of free play, group activity, and curriculum-planned activities will promote the learning of these life-long skills.

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